MPR Rating: B+

I enjoyed the story; wasn’t expecting how it developed. It was a nice surprise. The animation was fluid and very nicely done. It had a “How to Train Your Dragon” feel when it came to the male characters, and I specifically liked the Scottish/Irish accents and overall appeal. Being of Scottish descent (the red beard, and able to drink like one) I was immediately impressed with the colors. 

As for a children’s movie, I think that taking my 4 year old could have been a mistake. There were some darker, scarier parts that I wasn’t expecting for her to see. With that being said, I think it was a good mix of happy-feel-good, love, laughter, and a hint of danger. 

Overall, I give it a B+, because in the end it’s still not something I would rank up with some of the bigger titles that we know today. But, it has it’s own unique feeling and story that doesn’t deserve a worse grade.

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