Justice League

MPR Rating: B

The idea is great.  Bring together the DC Comic’s powerhouse characters and have them fight for survival.  If you don’t spend half the movie assembling the team while a giant gopher is stealing 3 mother boxes from mythical and ancient places around the world.

We have a lot of issues with this movie.  Not only from it lacking some serious fire power, but from some of the visual nods that WB usually brings to the table.

One of the first things that really stood out was that the Warner Brothers symbol didn’t fade in to the first scene.  This is like WB rule #1 and they obviously ignored it.  This set the precedent for the rest of the movie.

Secondly, Henry Cavill’s mustache/lip CGI was horrendous.  For how much hype this movie has had, just shave the mustache off, film the scenes and grow it back.  I couldn’t peel my eyes off the CGI and couldn’t focus on anything he was actually saying.  Despite trying to hear anything over the stranger sitting next to me gasping and cursing.

Third, in Batman vs. Superman we at least got a glimpse of the Omega symbol, which is Darkseids. With the hopes of getting some more Darkseid screentime, the hope was that there would be a hint.  However, the antagonist was Steppenwolf who was absent most of the time the League is getting everyone together.  Even more so, Steppenwolf mentions Darkseid in a one liner, but we never even see a hint of Darkseid or Apokolips.

Lastly, Danny Elfman composes the score for the movie and while you can hear hints of the original Batman theme he made for the 1989 Tim Burton film, the music just wasn’t ‘edgy’ enough.

Overall the story was okay, but all these little things just keep adding up making it a rather poor attempt.


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