Stephen King’s IT

MPR Rating: A

27 years has passed since IT was filmed and it horrified audiences and now IT is back.  You see, Pennywise comes around every 27 years in the original book written by the masterful Stephen King himself.  Naturally if they were going to make a reboot, it would need to fall in line with the timeline to make it even that more creepy to think about.

Pennywise is the demon that terrorizes the small town of Derry, Maine.  It hunts children using the sewers to get around the town.  When it begins its hunt for these kids though, they know how to fight back.  Pennywise may look like a helpless clown in the sewer, but it has a huge appetite for scared little children.

This movie will keep you off your seat, so you better keep a grip or you’ll float too.


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