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Stan Lee dies at 95 – The Verge

The heavens received a creative genius today.  May Stan Lee rest in peace and his legacy continue to grow and prosper.  So much is created because of you.  Thank you for your mark on the world. Link to full article from below….

Disney’s Aladdin Teaser Trailer – In Theaters May 24th, 2019

Directed by Guy Ritchie, check out the first teaser of “Aladdin” to hit the internet.  In theaters May 24, 2019!

First “Dark Phoenix” Trailer hits

Take a look at the first trailer for X-men’s Dark Phoenix Find it here: Dark Phoenix Trailer

Latest Bumblebee Trailer

Check out the latest Bumblebee trailer.  All your favorite G1 characters finally on the big screen the way they looked in the popular 80’s cartoons.  Hopefully this will reboot the franchise with the vision that was originally intended.   Find it here: Latest Bumblebee Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Official Trailer – YouTube


“Legion” Producer Plans “Alan Wake” TV Series – Dark Horizons

We’ve been wondering what happened to the beloved cult classic “Alan Wake” that was released 8 years ago.  The Lovecraft style narration/gameplay was an amazing twist in a game.  It’s honestly a wonder how there hasn’t been a newer sequel to this game.  But…

Happy Birthday to H.P. Lovecraft, the original lord of cosmic horror : creepy

Tornadoes Aplenty In “Just Cause 4” Gameplay – Dark Horizons

Avalanche Studios has premiered a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming “Just Cause 4” showcasing the tweaks to this new incarnation of the game which is set in the fictional subtropical South American country of Solís. The gameplay hasn’t been changed so much as…

EXCLUSIVE: Names Of All New Serial Killers Coming To Mindhunter Season 2! – That Hashtag Show

Mindhunter season 2 is setting itself up to be a doozy with more serial killer interviews. more BTK Killer, and also be taking on the Atlanta Child Murders. Source: EXCLUSIVE: Names Of All New Serial Killers Coming To Mindhunter Season 2! – That Hashtag…

“Grand Theft Auto V” Nears 100M Copies Sold – Dark Horizons

This is one game that I’ve played since it’s release of Vice City.  Grand Theft Auto has maintained it’s competitive edge and now is the leader.  Check out the article below. Source: “Grand Theft Auto V” Nears 100M Copies Sold – Dark Horizons

Mission Impossible: Fallout – Review

The Mission Impossible franchise has always been a personal favorite of mine.  Even from the early 80’s with the Commodore 128 video game named Impossible Mission.  Of course, back then I didn’t know any better being a tiny little lad.  I had watched a…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Now Filming New ‘Terminator’

Tim Miller directs new Terminator 6 and Arnold is currently shooting (film not bad guys) as we speak.  Check out the link below. Source: Arnold Schwarzenegger Now Filming New ‘Terminator’