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January 17, 2018 at 02:26PM

Justice League

MPR Rating: B

The idea is great.  Bring together the DC Comic’s powerhouse characters and have them fight for survival.  If you don’t spend half the movie assembling the team while a giant gopher is stealing 3 mother boxes from mythical and ancient places around the world.

We have a lot of issues with this movie.  Not only from it lacking some serious fire power, but from some of the visual nods that WB usually brings to the table.

One of the first things that really stood out was that the Warner Brothers symbol didn’t fade in to the first scene.  This is like WB rule #1 and they obviously ignored it.  This set the precedent for the rest of the movie.

Secondly, Henry Cavill’s mustache/lip CGI was horrendous.  For how much hype this movie has had, just shave the mustache off, film the scenes and grow it back.  I couldn’t peel my eyes off the CGI and couldn’t focus on anything he was actually saying.  Despite trying to hear anything over the stranger sitting next to me gasping and cursing.

Third, in Batman vs. Superman we at least got a glimpse of the Omega symbol, which is Darkseids. With the hopes of getting some more Darkseid screentime, the hope was that there would be a hint.  However, the antagonist was Steppenwolf who was absent most of the time the League is getting everyone together.  Even more so, Steppenwolf mentions Darkseid in a one liner, but we never even see a hint of Darkseid or Apokolips.

Lastly, Danny Elfman composes the score for the movie and while you can hear hints of the original Batman theme he made for the 1989 Tim Burton film, the music just wasn’t ‘edgy’ enough.

Overall the story was okay, but all these little things just keep adding up making it a rather poor attempt.


Stephen King’s IT

MPR Rating: A

27 years has passed since IT was filmed and it horrified audiences and now IT is back.  You see, Pennywise comes around every 27 years in the original book written by the masterful Stephen King himself.  Naturally if they were going to make a reboot, it would need to fall in line with the timeline to make it even that more creepy to think about.

Pennywise is the demon that terrorizes the small town of Derry, Maine.  It hunts children using the sewers to get around the town.  When it begins its hunt for these kids though, they know how to fight back.  Pennywise may look like a helpless clown in the sewer, but it has a huge appetite for scared little children.

This movie will keep you off your seat, so you better keep a grip or you’ll float too.


Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok is an excitement bomb for your eyes straight out of the gate.  From the moment the movie starts you are launched in to a witty and wild adventure that doesn’t stop until the credits roll.

MPR Rating: A

Spoilers ahead.

Thor is locked up in an underground cave talking to a skeleton then is released to speak with Surtur.  Surtur can’t launch Ragnarok on the city of Asgard until Odin dies.  Thor defeats Surtur and returns to Asgard with Surtur’s helmet to be placed in the vault.  Upon returning Thor finds that Loki has been using an illusion to look like Odin as has run Asgard without anyone knowing it’s him.

Thor and Loki go looking for Heimdall as Loki banished him from Asgard to Earth.  This is when Dr. Strange finds them and leads them to the real Odin.  Odin explains that Hela, his first child and heir to the throne, was banished because of her evil and overpowered ways.  With this news, Thor is no longer the strongest Asgardian (or so he thinks).  After telling the story of Hela Odin passes away, and with his death Hela returns and assumes control over Asgard.  Not without first crushing Thor’s hammer and sending them on an unforseen detour of space, with Thor and Loki landing on Sakaar.

A planet of junk run by “The Grandmaster” who likes to hold brutal gladiator fights.  His main attraction is the big fight between his strongest gladiator and whoever Grandmaster thinks could beat him.  He lines Thor up for the next fight, but when arriving to the arena Thor finds himself fighting the Hulk.  After the Civil War the Hulk boarded a quinjet and sailed off in to space, apparently landing here and becoming the best gladiator and undefeated.  That is, until now when Thor unleashes lightning fury on him.  Meanwhile, Loki is here too making deals and you can’t tell if he’s helping Thor or trying to get him killed.

Now that Thor and Hulk are together, they find a way to get out of Sakaar and back to Asgard to stop Hela from destroying everything and starting Ragnarok.  Thor thinks that because he doesn’t have his hammer, that he’s not powerful enough to defeat Hela.  But with a flashback to Odin, Odin tells him that the hammer is just a way for Thor to channel his strength.  With this, Thor goes on to push Hela away long enough to distract her so Loki can grab the helmet of Sutur and combine it with the infinity flame that gives him everlasting life.  And now with Odin’s death, Surtur is able to destroy Asgard.

Thor, Loki, Hulk, and the Asgardians are able to escape Asgard while Hela and Surtur fight over Asgard.  Surtur defeats Hela and ends up destroying the entire world of Asgard along with himself.




John Wick

MPR Rating: A

Based on some decent reviews, we decided to watch ‘John Wick’ last night.  I was a bit skeptical, but I have to admit that I was rapt from the moment the movie started, until it was finished.  For a one-off Keanu Reeves movie, it really did well to maintain a gritty yet sleek look, and had a bunch of action.  I like that it had a quick ramp to the action scenes, and just kept going and going until he finished his job.  The beginning wasn’t origin, it was exactly what we needed to know to understand his thoughts and emotions that drove him to feed his vengeance.  Overall I give it an A.  We watched it again tonight and enjoyed it the second time around as much as the first time.  That says a lot about a movie in its own.

I would recommend to see this if you haven’t yet.  If you’re not a Keanu fan, watch it with an open mind and try it anyway, you may be surprised.


MPR Rating: B+

I enjoyed the story; wasn’t expecting how it developed. It was a nice surprise. The animation was fluid and very nicely done. It had a “How to Train Your Dragon” feel when it came to the male characters, and I specifically liked the Scottish/Irish accents and overall appeal. Being of Scottish descent (the red beard, and able to drink like one) I was immediately impressed with the colors. 

As for a children’s movie, I think that taking my 4 year old could have been a mistake. There were some darker, scarier parts that I wasn’t expecting for her to see. With that being said, I think it was a good mix of happy-feel-good, love, laughter, and a hint of danger. 

Overall, I give it a B+, because in the end it’s still not something I would rank up with some of the bigger titles that we know today. But, it has it’s own unique feeling and story that doesn’t deserve a worse grade.